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Sifchain: Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it mean to be a delegator?

Being a delegator makes you a participant of the Sifchain validator subsystem. The validator subsystem is comprised of validators which independently run infrastructure to support and ensure the security of the Sifchain network. Being a participant of the validator subsystem allows you to earn a return on your staked ROWAN through network fees and inflation block rewards (coming soon). By delegating, you lock your ROWAN with your chosen validator(s), without the need to run your own infrastructure in exchange for a commission on the rewards you earn.

What is the difference between validators?

Validators are differentiated by a few key aspects: their commission rate, the quality of their infrastructure, and their online presence.

You can benefit greatly by paying close attention to the current commission rate charged by validators. As well, validators can change their commission rate once per day without notice, so make sure you choose one that has set a reasonable maximum commission rate so you don't get a nasty surprise.

Choosing a professional validator with high-quality infrastructure is essential to avoid your stake getting slashed. A resilient architecture should include load-balancing, auto-scaling and self-healing nodes to avoid any potential chance of slashing.

You should also judge validators by whether they have a website and have published contact details. One of the largest validators doesn't even have either of those! If something goes wrong with their infrastructure, or you need support, who will you contact?

What is slashing?

As it currently stands, if a given validator misses more than 250 blocks in a 5000 block window (e.g. because their infrastructure has failed or gone offline) they get slashed and jailed. Getting slashed means that the 0.01% of that validator's total stake is burned. Be mindful that this also affects the stake of any delegators too! Jailed simply means that the validator no longer participates in validating the network (and stops earning rewards) until they request to be unjailed.

Can I change who I am delegating to?

You can very easily change your validator by redelegating in the staking interface. Be careful not to confuse this with undelegate otherwise your staked tokens will enter a 21-day unbonding period.

How do I receive my staking rewards from delegating?

You can withdraw your staking rewards directly from the staking interface without needing to involve your chosen validator(s).

Is there an optimal strategy for delegating?

In our opinion the optimal strategy would be to spread your delegation across multiple validators. This will minimize your chance of getting slashed while also contributing to the decentralization of the network. Always be mindful of the validator's commission rate - there is no point paying 10% when there are numerous validators charging anywhere between 1-5%.